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Fulham in is an area in southwest London and it lies directly on the north bank of the River Thames. It is one of the more affluent areas in London and buying a home here would cost you a lot of money. During the summer the area is crowded with summer visitors and many of them rent properties long term for the summer. Every summer the Arab bad boys come to stay on what can only be called their long summer vacation to London. They bring cars and all of the things that they may have home in Dubai.


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Arab bad boys certainly know who the sexiest escorts in Fulham are. Most of the guys have this habit of arranging dates with all of the sexiest of the Fulham escorts. When I say dates, I don’t just mean one or two hours. The dates that these guys arrange often last several days, and if the gents really like the escorts, they hang on to them for the duration of their stay. This is often why you see so many glamorous ladies with Arab gents during the summer.

What do they local gents say and think about the situation? The problem is that if you are looking to date a girl from Fulham escorts during the summer, you have to be lucky. For the last couple of years, it is a bit like the Arab bad boys have taken over the town and are arranging block dates, says Alan who dates a lot of Fulham escorts. Whenever the Arab bad boys are in town, I often end up using other escorts services than Fulham escorts. It is highly unlikely that you are going to get a date with an experienced escort during this time.

A lot of other local gents in Fulham feel the situation as got out of hand in recent years. During the winter it seems that the hot babes at Fulham escorts are happy to date the local gents, but during the summer we get pushed aside, complains Alan. It is not really fair and I keep on wondering if we will one day just go somewhere else and don’t go back to dating Fulham escorts once the summer is over. I am sure that many of us feel that the entire situation is a bit wrong.

Mind you, continues Alan, this does not only happen at Fulham escorts. Many other escorts services in central London are affected by the same situation, so if you want to date in London during the summer, you need to look elsewhere than in central London. I often find myself dating in south London or perhaps even east London. I do mind as I have to travel to meet up with a hot girl. I suppose I could always arrange for the girl to come to see me, but that would cost me too much money in traveling expenses. It is fun to date escorts, but I have to admit that I prefer dating hot escorts in central parts of London.

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