My friend booked a Earls Court escort when he found out his girl is cheating on him



It was a Tuesday afternoon when I came home early. My boss decided that he wants to close the store soon so that we can prepare for the incoming Wednesday meeting in the morning. I was very excited to come home to my girlfriend so that we can finally spend time with each other because I always had been busy this past couple of days. When i arrived at the apartment, it was very quiet. I had a very unusual feeling that something is not right. I suspected that their might be an intruder at home so I got my bat and walked very slowly at the apartment so that I cannot be noticed. When I open the door to my room, I was very shocked at what I saw. I saw a man on top of my wife naked. They are sleeping with each other. I wanted to hit the guy with my bat so, but my girlfriend stood in the way. I kept on thinking how she could do this to me. Am I that bad? I believe that she loved me, but I was foolish. Also what kind of a man would sleep with another man’s girlfriend?


I wished that I did not saw my girlfriend sleeping with another man because it hurts so bad. After i saw them, I just stormed out of the apartment. I called some of my friends because I was very devastated. I told them that I saw my girlfriend sleeping with another man. They were also got shocked to hear about what had happened. There is nothing else I can do but to break up with my girlfriend; it is just unforgivable. What she did makes me sick. From now on I will never trust a woman again. I gave my life to her. I even let her move in with me. What a stupid move. I thought that this girl is okay. I did not notice any signs that she is cheating on me before. And everything is working out between her and me. My friend is right; I should never trust a woman completely. Just like me my friend also experienced getting betrayed by the girl she loved. He also did not have any idea that her girlfriend is capable of doing that to him. I guess we both finally learned our lesson. Never go into a relationship with a woman you do not know very well and always take care of yourself first before others. My friend told me to book a Earls Court escort from because he booked Earls Court escorts when he found out that his girl is cheating on him. I booked a Earls Court escort, and it was great.

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