Life is good with Marylebone Escorts.


I did not expect my life will change in the coming of my love. I am not a fan of any love stories, after all, I have been through. My parents broke up, and it made my life becomes hard. I thought I would have a beautiful and happy family just like other people. A family that is full of love and care for each other, I always dream to have a father I can play with any sports or a mother to give some advises when I am broke. But all of it was denied to me.


Their divorce affects me so much, and its one of the reason I got a hard time to trust and love other people. Many times I want to end my life and stop the pain in me. People call me freak or rude, but I don’t care because all of us has dark secrets to hide. I don’t care how many people that won’t like me because I have lived my life alone and am used to it. I still can remember that hard days I went through when I was a kid, it traumatizes me, and every time I can remember it, I want to scream and punch the walls.


I was six years old back then when I experience a brutal life. My mom leaves dad because of too much poverty, and he cannot support us, especially her needs. She had an affair with an old guy, a wealthy and can give all her vices. She chooses him than us, and she never doubles think about it. I cried a lot to stop her, pulling her clothes and lying on the ground. She says that she will get back for me but until now she doesn’t.


Dad becomes violent; he is always drunk most of his life. Day and night, he will beat me because he can remember mom to me. According to people I am look-alike with her and that’s why my dad is frustrated about it. He does not buy any food and leave me hungry. Sometimes, I go to the streets and pick garbages to see leftovers. I always wish that I could get away with this life.


Until a man saw me while eating his throw food. He told me if I was hungry and he bought me food. He offers to adopt me and give me new life. I don’t think if not because of him, what could be my life now. I study hard and graduate from college, and then meet Celina. Celina is a Marylebone Escorts from, and I have a massive crush on her. It took me long to court her, but she was worth the worth. Since we became together, my Life is good with a Marylebone Escorts

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