Who Does MeToo Movement Benefit?

Most people would have heard to the #MeToo movement by now. In the beginning, I thought it was a good idea, but now I am honestly beginning to wonder if it is such a good idea. Many prominent men have been accused of sexual harassment without precious little evidence. The entire movement is making the girls at London escorts wonder what is going on. One of my London escorts even wondered if the #MeToo movement is just a witch hunt or a way for celebs to make a name for themselves. I have dated celebs on the behalf of London escorts, so I know what they can be like.

Almost all of the celebs I have met have come across as very vain. Not only that, they do seek the limelight all of the time, and by joining the #MeToo movement, they certainly do keep their names in the press. Morally, I think that the movement is now going over the top, and celebs should think twice before they sign up for it.

Accusing men of sexual offences without having any evidence is a crime in itself. At least that is what most of the girls at outcall escorts think. Should the #MeToo movement be stopped? I think that someone should get to grips with it, and find out if any of these accusations are actually true. After all, if someone has committed a sexual offense against you, the first thing you should do is take contact the police.

I know at a couple of London escorts who have been stalked, and although no direct offense has been committed, they have all contacted the police. Why are not these celebs doing so? It makes me wonder if they are simply not just jumping on the bandwagon. I don’t think one single girl at London escorts would dream of starting something like a #MeToo movement without having evidence. It would probably mean a rather quick end to her London escorts career.

The majority of the gentlemen we date at London escorts rely on the fact that we are discreet and don’t reveal anything personal about them. Sure, there are women out there who have been sexually harassed or assaulted, but I think that the majority of them have gone the police.What would I do if it happened to me? One thing is for sure, I would not wait a couple of years to report the incident.

If I was sexually assaulted while I was on duty with London escorts, the first thing I would do is to pick up the phone and call the police. It is never right to do assault or sexually harass anyone. But more than anything, if it is a genuine incident you need to be prepared to do something about it.

That is what makes me wonder if these incidents happened in the first place. I am not sure that they did. If they did, I am sure that many of these actresses who accuse other of sexual harassment would have gone to the police.

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