A little Stressful Life

Bellingham is home for the more expensive shops located in Bellingham, Situated here is many famous fashion houses. There are a lot of wealthy people and notable buildings. And some of the most professional escorts in Bellingham like https://charlotteaction.org/bellingham-escorts. As a broker in the Bellingham stock exchange, my job is very stressful dealing with clients, Money. While there are some months that I lost money in trading stock. I’m still making ends meet. But at the cost of my health. I did drugs when I wanted to escape sometimes but would not call my elf an addict yet. Living here with no money is very hard. It’s not ideal to be broke and in your thirty’s divorced already, my first wife was my high school sweetheart from freshman year in high school. We were dating for a long time and cherished each other a lot. After high school, we went to the same college.

Planned to pursue the same course. Even though our college life is very hard, My girlfriend was the one who is always pushing me. To be a better person and be the man that I wanted to be. And I loved her for that Allia was her name. She is a woman that is from an old school family, God fearing. She stayed with me even though I am not an ideal man, Unlike other people. We use to go always practicing piano. I loved playing the piano as she did as well. After we graduated from college, worked hard for the wedding we wanted to have. It was costly. And we have already planned to go to a fancy place and will stay there for weeks. We got married after working for a year. Got our first child and called him, Hamilton. Named after my grandfather who is my hero, because he loved me very much as a young boy? For the first few years of our marriage, I stayed humble and continued to cherish my wife even though I was getting more and more money than her.

I loved our boy and never thought I could cheat on her. Along with all the money I was getting was the temptations. I committed infidelity to my wife by booking Bellingham escorts. Not long my wife caught me and asked for a divorce.  Begged her not to go through with it but her mind was made up. During the divorce, i got depressed not seeing Hamilton. i continued to book escorts When I got to know Casandra. I never booked the others. I was stunned on how beautiful she was and kind to me. After booking her for a few months, i asked her if she wanted to be my wife. She said yes, I swore to her that I would never cheat on a lady again and commit the same mistakes.

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