One of the girls that I work with at Ascot escorts persuaded me to try these injections for my butt.


She said that they were totally natural and would help to control cellulite. It sounded great so we went off to this specialist in Harley Street. He had a really swanky office, but I did not really like him. I kind of got that 5 second warning that I get when something is about to go wrong with a date at Ascot escorts from

Anyway, to cut along story short. I did end up having my butt injections but I was not happy about. It was rather expensive, and I did not like the way it made my bum feel. A couple of minutes later. I could feel the skin get warm, and after we had left the guy’s practice, it felt really hot. My friend from Ascot escorts said it was normal, but I was not so sure about that at all. It felt really strange to me, and I did not really know what to think. But it had been done, and I had to go into Ascot escorts that day with a hot bottom.

After a couple of hours. I noticed that I was getting rash on my bum. It felt a bit like prickly heat and was really worried. I still had a couple of dates at Ascot escorts that day and had to wait until I had finished my shift at Ascot escorts. As soon as I had finished my shift at Ascot escorts, I gave my GP a call and went to see him. It turned out that I was experiencing some kind of allergic reaction. My GP is a really nice lady and she did not really understand what the guy had injected with me. All I knew was that it had been the wrong thing to do.

In the end, I had to take a couple of days off from Ascot escorts. I had been given an injection by my GP and felt really sleepy. The next morning the rash on my bottom started to go down, but it still felt sore. I was not happy sitting down, so I ended up on my belly watching TV. Honestly, I could think of better things to do on my days off from the best escorts in Ascot website. Staying at home with a sore bottom is not it.

I love natural health but this was not for me. You have to be really careful in Ascot. There are so may unlicensed practitioners of various crafts and I am going to be more careful in the future. Like all of the other girls at Ascot escorts, I am worried about cellulite but I think that I will focus on healthy exercise and diet in the future. I cannot believe that I paid £300 for those injections. I keep reading about what was in them, and looking up the ingredients on the Internet, I am not sure that they do you any good at all.

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