Can Working For Cheap Escorts Affect The Rest Of Your Life?

I can understand why many British girls are concerned about joining London escorts. Working for a London escorts agency in a nice part of London is a very good job. However, a lot of girls who have been brought up in the UK seem to look down on cheap escorts. I think that social labelling is a huge problem in the UK. I have a friend who works for an escort service in Amsterdam. In Holland, they certainly make less of a big deal of a girl being an escort than they do in the UK.

Social labelling is not only a problem for London escorts, but it is also a problem for many other men and women in the UK. Not all of my friends work for cheap escorts. I have a friend who works for a supermarket. Even though she has done very well for herself, she is still seen as just a girl working in a supermarket. It is not really fair. She started as a check out girl and she has gradually worked her way up the ladder and has worked hard for what she has got.

I also have another from Poland who came to the UK to find a job. She is a fully qualified nurse and works in a hospital here in London. She loves her job and from what I can understand her patients love her. Sadly she earns a lot less than us girls who work for London escorts. Many people wonder why so many Polish girls come to London and end up as London escorts. It is a job that pays well and I think that most girls who work for London escort agencies really love their jobs.

This social labelling has gone too far. We should really try to strive for a much fair society and get rid of social labelling. Most people that I have met have different qualities and are really good at what they do. They may even enjoy their jobs. For instance, I get a real kick out of working for London escorts. To learn how to appreciate each other we really do need to change. It is not going to be easy but I know that we can do if we learn to love each other.

Would I leave London escorts? One day I am sure that I am going to leave London escorts and move to do something else. That is going to be a huge change for me. I know that many people still find it hard to accept that we even exist. They have the wrong opinion of London escorts and think that we are cheap tarts. That is very far from the truth and most girls at London escorts would agree with me. Do we deserve our bad girl social label? No, I don’t think so at all.

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