Four Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Do you worry about having sex during pregnancy? If so, you are not alone. Many expecting couples are hesitant to have sex because they feel it can be dangerous for the unborn baby. But the truth is sex during pregnancy is both natural and safe. However, certain positions may be hard to achieve in the later months of the pregnancy. Today, we are going to learn some moves that will help to make sexual intercourse more pleasurable for both the man and the woman.

Below you will find four sex positions that you should try. Each of these positions are designed to get the ample amount of pleasure without putting stress on either partner. According to London escort agency.

  1. Her on top: One of the best ways to have sex with a pregnant woman is to have her get on top of the male. This will allow him to place his penis deep inside of her vagina for maximum pleasure. The female partner can easily bounce up and down on the penis making this position one of the most pleasurable for both parties.
  2. The spoon position: In this position both partners lay on their sides. The female turns her back on the male and he inserts his penis from the back of the vagina. This gives him access to her breasts as well and take the pressure off the female partner. While kissing during this position may be difficult, it really gets the job done.
  3. Doggy position: Probably one of the best positions during pregnancy, the doggy position requires the female to lay on her stomach. With a pillow placed under her for support, she puts her butt in the air exposing her vagina. This gives the male partner easy access and allows for truly deep penetration. The position is often preferred by both parties involved.
  4. In the chair: This move is one of the more advanced positions but highly pleasurable and sensual. The male partner will sit in a comfortable chair then the female partner will climb on top of her lover. The penis will slowly slide into the vagina and she will be able to user her hips to move around.

Sex During Pregnancy Is Wonderful

Having sex during pregnancy is a wonderful experience. It can be a great way to relax and let some steam off for both parties. So, if you were once afraid to have sex while pregnant, now you can rest easy. However, if you still are hesitant but open minded, you and your partner may want to hire a professional to help out in the bedroom.

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