The Different Women Who Are Escorts

Do you book London escorts? Even men who dream about booking London escorts, probably wonder what the difference is between elite and cheap London escorts. It is a discussion that has been going for a long time. In all honesty, it is very unlikely that this is a discussion that will end any time soon. With an increasing number of men becoming interested in dating London, more know-how about what makes London escorts special is needed.

How long have cheap London escorts been around? Cheap escorts in London have been around for a very long time. Escorting is one of those professions many ladies turn to when they have fallen on hard times. Cheap London escorts do a good job of looking after their clients. The truth is that many of them have just as much experience of escorting as more senior escorts do.

Is there really such a thing as senior London escorts? While it would be fair to say that there are some London escorts who revel in charging higher prices for dates, it does not mean they more experience of dating. Some girls who work for elite London escorts have no previous experience of escorting when joining. They are not appointed elite escorts in London on merit. Instead they become elite escorts thanks to previous careers such as modeling. Models are often very sought after by escort agencies not only in London but in many other parts of the world. Many Russian women and Polish girls who work for escort agencies in London are, indeed, former models who tried to make it in London. When they realised they would not make enough money as models, they switched their careers and become escorts instead.

Most elite London escorts agency go out of their way to look out for girls, and employ girls who have been models or perhaps porn stars. The owner of London’s many elite escort agencies, are fully aware that London is packed with gentlemen who would like to enjoy the company of a former sexy porn star or adult model. It is not unusual for a girl to go straight from working as a porn star to pick up a job with an elite escort agency in London. Often she will be paid more than a girl who works for a cheap London escorts agency.

Who earns the most money? This is where it gets really interesting. If you are considering a career as an escort in London, it may help you to know that cheap escort agencies in London are often busier. Cheap escorts tend to pick up more dates and get longer dates. Cheap London escorts may charge less per hour, but in the long run, when you work as a cheap escort in London, you are likely to earn more money and have more regular dates. Sure, elite escorts are probably more spoiled by their clients. What you have to ask yourself is if you need a new handbag or a better pay cheque. It is really as simple as that.

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