Shoreditch Escorts in East London

Shoreditch in East London, is still one of those London districts where you can find some reasonable property. I moved here after finding a nice flat, and as property prices were about 8% lower than North London, I thought that living in Shoreditch represented a good investment opportunity as well. One of the most famous residents of Shoreditch is Tony Blair. He used to live in this part of London during the 1980.’s. Today, you get a lot of London City types relocating to this part of London, and property prices are beginning to increase. When I settled into my Shoreditch flat, I decided that I wanted to work locally. At the time I moved to Shoreditch, I worked for an escort agency in central London, and I did not want to travel to work. I had been doing that all of my life, and I was tired of spending a lot of time commuting/ Fortunately for me, Shoreditch escorts from had some vacancies, and before I knew it, I was working for Shoreditch escorts services. It is great and I like the fact that I can work in the same part of London as I live in. Working for Shoreditch escorts and living in the same part of London I work in, has made a lot of difference to my leisure time. These days, I have a lot more time for myself and I love that. It is much easier to plan things around Shoreditch escorts, and to me it is a real treat. Despite this being East London, it is a rather green area and if you like to spend time outdoors, it is easy to do. The river is not far away, and I love going out to enjoy a jog in the morning along the river. Although my apartment is very much city center, I have a nice big balcony. It has made a lot of difference and I can grow some plants. Also Shoreditch has excellent transport links and it does not take me very long to get to the center of London from Shoreditch. When I get a chance to have a day off from Shoreditch escorts, I like to go shopping with my friends and we often go out for coffee in Shoreditch itself. The place has sort of grown up, and has a nice street culture when it comes to coffee shops and stuff like that. I am glad that I joined Shoreditch escorts and moved to this part of London. Not only do I really like to work for the escort agency in Shoreditch. The gentlemen that I have met so far tend to be a little bit more “real” than some of the gentlemen I used to date. You can kind of talk to them, and I like that. If I had my time again, I would probably have moved to Shoreditch a lot sooner. However, you cannot cry over spilled mil, and like I say to my colleagues, at least I am here now and enjoying life.

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