There are times we want to have someone in our life to help us go through life

Someone to guide and help us in everything. It is special if we find someone to make us happy when we feel sad and lonely. When we almost give up and surrender life. There are times that we want someone to hear our stories and dramas in life. We want someone to assure us that the love they have for us is everlasting and stable. A love that is precious and to is treasured. Love is an excellent source of happiness, it makes us feel alive and healthy every day. A kind of joy that we can’t find to other people. We all need someone that will hold our hand when we are old and grey. When we are in love it feels like the world is at our side, it feels like everything is going to be alright. And at the same time, the love we feel, we hope to last till the end. When we are in love, it feels like we stay in heaven and not wish to end it. We only think of pure happiness and catches ourselves imagining our future together with our partner.   All of us dream to have a complete and whole family. We imagine that we can find someone to help us raise our children and become their role model. It is helpful to imagine life when both of you are helping each other to build the family. It is lovely to see that your children are growing and you still have each other. A family that stays together often build a harmonious relationship, peaceful and love. I keep on imagining it, but maybe I was not lucky to have a complete family. Perhaps I was cursed and experience such a problem, growing up broken and up to my own family is still a broken family. I have thought of marrying young will help me to get away with my life, but I have worsened the situation. I met John; he is our new neighbor. He is a bit playboy, but I still give him a chance. I want to be saved from my situation, confusing and full of struggles, especially no one is there to comfort me. And John impregnated me, but after he knew it, he disappears. And I have to born this child and raise. Years passed, I got the opportunity to go to Chiswick, London. I was able to find work, and become a Chiswick escort from, my struggles in life have been paid by comfortability now. We stayed with my son here and raised him alone.

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