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Most people would have heard to the #MeToo movement by now. In the beginning, I thought it was a good idea, but now I am honestly beginning to wonder if it is such a good idea. Many prominent men have been accused of sexual harassment without precious little evidence. The…

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There are quite a few places to hang out in London, but Lewisham, may not be the greatest of them. To be honest, with the hot and fun company of my Lewisham escorts, I would probably get pretty bored at the weekends, and this is why I always make…

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Sex is one of the most pleasurable emotions ever but even then, after sometime, you can get stuck in a rut. When the same positions and the same routine is repeated over and over again, even sex gets boring. So how can you make sure that the spice in your sex life always remains? You can make the experience diverse by using different methods and being inventive in the bedroom. Here are some positions to make sure that your sex life is amazing again.

1. Forego your usual position

Try different positions. Generally, when a couple discovers a position that both of them like, they tend to stick to it and forget to experiment. Make a rule that you will now not use the position that you mostly employ. If you generally go missionary, make sure you go cowgirl now. If you tend to stick to cowgirl, try reverse cowgirl now. Give up the comfort of old known positions and find new ones to love your partner in.

2. Go doggie

Doggie style is when the woman bends over with her back to the man. Doggie style has many benefits. It pleases both the partners. It gives the man more control over movement and thrust and it allows for stimulation on the back, buttocks and clitoris of the woman. This style is also known for its deep penetration.

3. Pleasure spots

Pleasure spots are areas which can give you almost instant arousal. They are sensitive and very receptive to pleasure. While the pleasure spots of each individual can vary, there are some common spots you can check for, like the earlobe, the back of the neck, lower spine, inside of the thigh and back of the knees. Exploring the other person’s body will give you more knowledge about which spot turns them on. Titillate them by using your fingers, your tongue and different materials (example, a silk handkerchief).

4. The lap dance

Make your man sit in a chair, and sit on him, either facing him or have your back facing him. This position is different from the standard girl on top. It is also more intimate as the faces of the two partners are closer together. This one gives more control to the woman, so if you want to ride him good, try this out.

There are a number of sex positions to try and each brings with it different experiences. Try out new positions and have a sex life that is always exciting.

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